2019 Toscana Signature organic extra virgin olive oil (premium)

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Our 2019 harvest Signature oil is a unique early harvest style with fruity, herbaceous flavours and a subtle peppery finish. Cold pressed from olive varieties including the rare Bouqettier, Mission and Verdale, this organic oil is unfiltered, unrefined and lovingly hand-bottled in small batches. Our heritage trees rely solely on natural rainfall and once picked, olives are cold pressed immediately producing a low yield of ultra-premium organic olive oil – beautifully concentrated in flavour.

Trophy Winner (Best Oil from Heritage Trees) at the 2019 Australian Golden Olive Awards. Judge's comments: "Fresh garden herbs, lemon and thyme dominate the nose with excellent transfer to palate. Complex building pungency."

Free fatty acidity is exceptionally low at ≤0.2%.


Our 3 x 2L value pack is also a popular option. 

15L casks and 20L drums have taps  and both include a free empty bottle and pourer for easy decanting.

Our casks are BPA free and keep oil fresher for longer by excluding air. The tap provides great drizzling control and is drip free (turn off the tap until you feel a click).

4L tins have a pull up pouring spout.



66 Reviews

Jan & Terry Gollings 28th Mar 2019

Simply the best olive oil you can buy.

There is a very simple test to determine the quality of the olive oil you are buying. Put Grampians Olive Oil in your fridge along with a bottle from your Supermarket. We keep our Grampians cask of olive oil in our fridge and after a week if you open the cask tap the oil won't run out. We have to crack open the cardboard box & squeeze the cask. Grampians Olive comes out in cloudy globs. Most supermarket brands don't cloud up or go vicous. If you put your olive oil in the fridge for a week before you taste it then the oils will rate themselves in the fridge, the more viscous & cloudy an olive oil goes in the fridge the higher the quality of the oil. As for the taste of Grampians Olive Oil, well if you buy Grampians Olive Oil & Jan & I recommend you do, then cut down you sugar consumptiom, cut down your processed food consumption because your going to be using a lot more olive oil and your probably going to want increase your Himalayan Salt consumption. If that thought scares you we recommend you download 2 kindle books: 1. "The Salt Fix: Why the experts got it all wrong and how eating more salt might save your life" by Dr. James . 2. "Fat for Fuel" by Dr. Joseph Mercola.
Still not convinced to eat more Grampians Olive Oil then read: "The Plant Paradox by Dr. Steven Gundry or The Obesity Code by Kidney Specialist Dr. Jason Fung.

Ben W 21st Mar 2019

Very nice - I'm impressed.

I was looking for a unique reasonably high end Olive oil product in a larger volume than what is normally available in the shops. This fitted the bill perfectly and it's Australian! I highly recommend it, though I suggest you use it sparingly or you will run up a large bill buying more - it's that good

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