2020 Olio Nuovo organic extra virgin olive oil (first harvest)

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2020 olio nuovo is now available for pre-order! 

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Each harvest season we bottle Olio Nuovo (new oil) - a special limited release of unfiltered cold pressed organic extra virgin olive oil from the first olives harvested each season. Picked, cold pressed, unfiltered and bottled within 24 hours while still cloudy - the flavours are amazingly vibrant and fruity, as fresh as you can get! Very popular and highly sought after at harvest time.  

Olive oil this fresh and unfiltered is cloudy due to fine particles of olive flesh suspended in the oil. After 6-12 weeks (depending on temperature) this cloudiness settles to the bottom of the vessel as sediment (this process normally happens in our tanks). We recommend using as much oil as possible when it's cloudy! Once settled, it it best to decant the clear oil. 

Due to high demand and limited supply (drought/heatwave affecting our crop), the largest size olio nuovo currently still available is 4L, with a limit of 2 tins per customer. As a limited release product, this will ensure as many people as possible can still enjoy our special oil. Thank you for your understanding and support. 

Our casks are BPA free and keep oil fresher for longer by excluding air. The tap provides great drizzling control and is drip free (turn off the tap until you feel a click).

4L tins have a pull up pouring spout.



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Ann 10th Dec 2019


Love this oil, had read a scientific article on using xtra virgin oil and wild thyme together to improve your mitochondria.

Christine Beveridge 6th Dec 2019

Olio Nnuovo

Love it!

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