2024 Signature Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Premium)

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Annual Limit: 8L per customer/household 
Due to a low harvest and high demand, we have set an annual limit of 8 litres of oil per customer/household to ensure fairness to all our customers. We appreciate your support and understanding. Thank you!

2024 Signature Organic EVOO
Our 2024 Signature oil is a unique early harvest style with fruity, herbaceous flavours and a subtle peppery finish. Cold pressed from green and turning colour olives, varieties include the rare Bouqettier, Mission and Verdale. This organic oil is unfiltered, unrefined and lovingly hand-bottled in small batches. Our heritage trees rely solely on natural rainfall and once picked, olives are cold pressed immediately producing a low yield of ultra-premium organic olive oil – beautifully concentrated in flavour. On average our trees produce just one precious litre of organic olive oil each. This means every 2L cask encapsulates the annual production of 2 trees, offering a taste of the Grampians that respects the earth and its natural cycles.


Our 2023 Signature won the following awards: 

Gold Medal & Best Oil From Heritage Trees Australian Golden Olive Awards 2023 

Gold Medal Australian International Olive Awards 2023 

Judges' comments: "An intensely sweet nose of ripe tropical fruits, subtle floral blossom, peach, and camomile flavours. Good transfer to the palate. A creamy mouthfeel. A pleasing delicate oil with tropical flavours and a lingering pepper warmth that persists."

NASAA Certified Organic #3532P
Australian Certified Extra Virgin ID #268

Glass bottles have a pourer insert to control flow, tins have a pull up pouring spout, and casks (bag in box) have a tap. The cask tap provides great drizzling control and is drip free (turn off the tap until you feel a click). Our casks are also BPA free and keep oil fresher for longer by excluding air. Read more about casks and shelf life. 15L casks and 20L tins both have taps and we include a free empty bottle and pourer for easy decanting. 

Limited Availability Notice
You may have heard there is an olive oil shortage - unfortunately as farmers we are also affected. Due to unseasonal weather patterns we have harvested a very low crop this season. As a result, we have had to make some difficult decisions to ensure fair distribution of our limited oil among all our valued customers. We have implemented a yearly limit of 8L of oil per customer/household. We understand this is disappointing news and hope for your patience and continued support during this difficult time. We expect a return to normal production and oil availability for our 2025 crop.

272 Reviews

Luke Webb Jul 18, 2024

Bold punch olive oil

Sensational clean bold punchy flavour, super high quality. Hands down the nicest olive oil I've used, price quality and shipping was perfect.

Anne Dunne Jul 07, 2024

2023 Signature Organic Olive Oil

Absolutely beautiful oil can be used in and on whatever you like. I just love it, so does my family.

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