Benefits of a cask (bag in box) for premium olive oil
Premium olive oil is well suited to cask (or bag in box) packaging, offering the following advantages:

•    preserves quality and integrity of oil, keeping fresher for longer

•    no oxidisation - BPA free metallised pouch collapses as oil is used preventing air exposure.

•    easier to open than a tin

•    built in non-drip tap for easy dispensing, no glugging, no funnels, no mess (turn off the tap until you feel a click).

•    can drizzle directly from cask with expert control, has a convenient handle

•    reduced wastage - you can get out those last drops from a cask

•    cardboard is recyclable, Australian made and arrives to us flat packed (less carbon miles)

•    better value all round!

Organic olive oil 2L cask