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How to Cure Table Olives

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Cure your own table olives
We are often asked how to cure the olives. Here is the simple traditional brine curing method we use:

1) select a container that can be sealed airtight (eg bucket or jar with lid)
2) prepare a 10% salt brine. (ie add 100g of salt per 1L of water, do not use iodised salt).
3) hand pick olives and place into the brine (take care not to bruise).
4) ensure olives are fully submerged in brine (eg place dinner plate on top)
5) leave lid loose at first, then seal airtight once most of the bubbling has stopped.
6) wait patiently for the natural fermentation process to occur
7) after 6 months, taste test. If they are still too bitter, leave for longer. 

Riper olives will cure more quickly than green olives. Our green verdale olives take 12 months to fully cure!

8) enjoy :)

Olive oil based skincare

Olive oil has been used to nourish dry skin for millennia - you can simply rub some into your skin. It is also great for your scalp (and cradle cap for infants), or as a massage oil. We also offer 2 simple skincare products made using our organic olive oil - both moisturising and ideal for [...]

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What is low yield dryland farming

Our heritage trees are organically and sustainably farmed in the ideal Mediterranean climate of the Northern Grampians. The varieties we grow are not commonly planted these days because they do not give a high yield of oil, however their flavour is exquisite. On average our grove yields about 10 times less per acre than a typical [...]

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‚Äč2017 first harvest 'olio nuovo' - available now!

Have you tasted freshly pressed olive oil before? Straight off the press and still cloudy the flavours are amazingly vibrant and fruity. Our Olio Nuovo (new oil) is a special limited release of unfiltered cold pressed organic extra virgin olive oil from the first olives harvested each season. Picked, cold pressed and bottled within 24 [...]

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Harvest open day

On Sunday 11th June we are holding an open day - celebrating the 2017 olive harvest by firing up our pizza oven and enjoying some local wines. Cost is $30 per head for all you can eat wood fired pizza, including your first glass of wine. Pizza will be served from 12:30pm - 1:30pm and [...]

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2017 harvest has begun!

It's olive harvest time! We're thankful for a bumper crop this year and are working 7 days a week around the clock get it picked and pressed! Although the hours can be demanding, we have a great little team of family and local staff and we find relieving the trees of their heavy load and [...]

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Gift Packs

We have several new gift pack/hamper options just in time for Christmas - click here to view the full range of gift packs. We can send gifts directly to the recipient, just write your greeting in the order comments if you want a note included. If you want to ship overseas we can do that too! [...]

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New life

New life abounds at Grampians Olive Co. - we were excited to meet a new addition to our family (Amy, recently born) and our trees are currently in full bloom with prolific flowers, thanks to the above average rainfall this Spring. Luckily the conditions have been favourable for pollination and fruit set so far, which [...]

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Gold Medal organic olive oil - Bulk Sizes

We are pleased to announce our 2016 harvest signature organic extra virgin olive oil has won the following awards: Gold Medal Australian National Olive Oil Competition;Trophy for Best Oil from heritage trees; andPeople's Choice Trophy both at the Australian Golden Olive Awards.Our gold medal winning organic extra virgin olive oil is available in the [...]

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2016 Olio Nuovo Available - Record Early Start!

This year is the earliest start to harvest for our grove on record - about 4 weeks earlier than ever before!  We started by hand picking our green verdale table olives, directly from the tree into brine. The traditional curing process takes 6 - 12 months but is well worth the wait.  Our oil harvest and cold [...]

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