Fresh new look and website

We have combined our two brands Toscana & Grampians Olive Estate as Grampians Olive Co. 'the home of Toscana'.

Our new look reflects the beauty of the unique Grampians location in which our products are grown and produced. "Grampians Olive Co. the home of Toscana" is a throwback to our grove’s original name "Grampian Olive Plantations Co." In 1963 our grove was renamed Toscana honouring Italian involvement in the grove’s establishment and similarity to the Toscana (Tuscany) region in Italy. The new look combines our two brands, reconnects with our roots and better communicates the origin of our products. We hope you like it as much as we do!

Toscana Grampians Olive Co balsamic vinegar, organic olive oil, lemon pressed olive oil

So what's changed? The labels! Our products are the same but we have updated the descriptors of our organic olive oils to better differentiate and reflect the oil's characteristics:

Toscana premium organic = Signature
Our popular early harvest 'tuscan' style oil, with fruity, herbaceous flavours and a subtle peppery finish.

Grampians olive estate organic = Delicate
Our late harvest style oil with delicate fruity flavours.