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Our olive grove honey is cold extracted from hives sited on our grove and seasonally from the surrounding Grampians. The bees forage on a range of flowers including our organic olive trees (when flowering in November/December), red gum, yellow box, ti-tree as well other eucalypts and native wildflowers. The resulting honey is full flavoured, 100% pure and raw - cold extracted, unpasteurized and unprocessed to preserve the natural vitamins, enzymes and other nutritional elements.

Please note raw (cold extracted) honey will naturally crystallise, this happens to nectar from some flowers sooner than others and is a sign that it is truly raw honey. If you prefer clear, smooth flowing honey you can sit the jar in hot/warm water.

Andrew was a keen beekeeper in his younger days (bees provided his income during university) and is enjoying passing on his knowledge to son Greg. We manage our handful of hives naturally meaning no anti-biotics and we harvest a sustainable amount of honey from each hive (so the bees are never fed sugar).

Sorry all our 1.25kg jars have sold out, we only have 375g available until our next extraction (possibly October subject to the season) 

14 Reviews

Robert van Til 6th Jun 2019

Grampiams Honey

A beautifully rich. decadent honey with lots of local nuances that is not too sweet. You must try it. You will not be disappointed.

Phillip 18th Mar 2019

Pure and so Good!

This honey is truly delicious. It has a mild sweet flavour so would really suit any palette. Yum!

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