Grampians Olive Co. is home to the historic ‘Toscana’ Olive Plantation. Established in 1943 by immigrant farmer Jacob Friedman under the Grampian Olive Plantations Co., our grove was one of the first and largest groves in Australia at the time. The grove was renamed "Toscana" in the early 1960s - honouring Italian involvement in the grove’s establishment and similarity in climate and scenery to the Toscana (Tuscany) region in Italy. Over the past 80+ years our grove has established a reputation for producing Australia's best organic extra virgin olive oil and is the choice of some of Australia's top chefs and restaurants. We our proud that our efforts produce consistently award winning products - click here for a list of awards and accolades

Today we are still 100% Australian family owned, run by two generations of the Mathews; Andrew and Susan and son Greg. In 2015 we wanted to better reflect the beauty of the unique Grampians location in which our products are grown and produced. Grampians Olive Co. is a throwback to our grove’s original name and combines our two former labels (Grampians Olive Estate & Toscana), reconnecting with our roots and better communicating the origin of our products. We are passionate custodians of the long and proud history of premium certified organic olive oil production in the beautiful Grampians in North Western Victoria. Click to read more about our 80+ year history.

True to our philosophy of quality over quantity, we undertake every process from tree to bottle with great care. Our 28,000 olive trees are low-density planted in the traditional 10 x 10m layout.  Our grove is certified organic and dryland farmed, meaning it relies solely on rainfall with absolutely no irrigation, producing a low yield of oil beautifully concentrated in flavour. Our heritage olive trees are a mix of traditional and rare olive varieties such as Verdale, Bouquettier and Benito. While these varieties produce a low yield the flavour and quality of the oil produced is exceptional, enhanced by the age of the trees. Click to read more about our grove and organic management.

Our low-touch approach to oil production – cold pressed on farm within hours of harvest, unfiltered, unrefined – produces unique oil with beautifully balanced flavours. Single estate produced, our oil is lovingly hand-bottled in small batches to guarantee freshness. Click to read more about our production methods - harvest, pressing and botling.

We are deeply committed to making a positive impact, not just in the world of organic olive oil, but also within our wider community. We believe in giving back and that's why a portion of our profits (including all profits from our mission olives) is dedicated to supporting charities and local community groups, reflecting our values of sustainability and social responsibility. By choosing our products, you're not just enjoying high quality Australian organic olive oil; you're also contributing to a cycle of positivity that benefits our community and those in need.