Olive oil shelf life and freshness 

When it comes to buying olive oil, freshness is critical. Always know the harvest year and be aware there is only one olive harvest per year, around May/June. Heat, light, oxygen and time degrade olive oil so to retain the health benefits and flavour of olive oil as long as possible you need to minimise the exposure to these elements. We recommend storing our olive oil in a dark place with a relatively constant, cool temperature away from direct heat and sunlight. At home, a pantry is usually the best place. Always re-seal the container immediately after use and avoid leaving next to the stove.
Bottles and tins - best used within 3 months of opening due to oxygen exposure. Having said that, some of our home customers who prefer to buy bulk do take 6 - 12 months to use a 20L drum and are happy with that. 
Casks - full shelf life maintained even once opened - the cardboard offers basic insulation and blocks light, while the inner bag shrinks down as oil is decanted so no oxygen is introduced. Further benefits of casks are listed below. 

Benefits of a cask (bag in box) for premium olive oil

Premium olive oil is well suited to cask (or bag in box) packaging, offering the following advantages:

•    preserves quality and integrity of oil, keeping fresher for longer

•    no air exposure, no oxidisation - BPA free metallised pouch/bag collapses as oil is used preventing air exposure.

•    easier to handle and easier to open than a tin

•    built in non-drip tap for easy dispensing, no glugging, no funnels, no mess (turn off the tap until you feel a click).

•    can drizzle directly from cask with expert control, has a convenient handle

•    reduced wastage - you can get those last drops out of a cask

•    cardboard is recyclable, and the bags and boxes arrives to us flat packed (less carbon miles than tins)

•    better value all round!

Organic olive oil 2L cask