Mathews Family Recipe Ideas

The best way to enjoy the exquisite flavour and health benefits of our organic olive oils is in everyday cooking. We believe the old saying "if you wouldn't drink the wine, don't cook with it" equally applies to olive oil!

Dipping with crusty bread showcases the flavour of oil and is a perfect appetizer to serve guests. It also makes a healthy snack - during harvest we are very busy and often quickly prepare some toast, drizzle it with Olio Nuovo (freshly pressed oil) and a twist of salt and pepper - delicious! For more variety, pair with dukkah and/or vinegar.

We enjoy olive oil with every meal because it complements and brings out the flavours of almost any dish. For example drizzled over salads, steamed vegetables, bruschetta, jacket potatoes, roast meats, steak, soup, pasta, risotto, stir fries, wood fired pizza, desserts and more!

Improve any pasta dish by stirring approximately ¼ cup of Toscana olive oil through drained, cooked pasta to coat it just before serving. You will be surprised at the depth of flavour this simple addition adds.

Frying with olive oil is a healthy option. Most frying occurs at around 180°C, which is well below the recommended maximum temperature of 210°C for high quality extra virgin olive oil.  You can also replace butter with olive oil in just about any recipe - one cup butter = ¾ cup olive oil.