Certified organic and certified Australia extra virgin

We are proud to produce some of the highest quality organic extra virgin olive oil in Australia. Our entire grove is NASAA Certified Organic, (certification number 3532P) as are our pressing and bottling procedures - so the entire production process is certified to be free of contaminants. Our olive oil meets and exceeds both Australian and international standards and we are proud to be signatories to the Australian Olive Industry Code of Practice.

Our oil is routinely tested by an independent laboratory to ensure it meets the IOOC chemical and organoleptic standards for Extra Virgin Olive Oil. We have always done this even before it was required, to measure the quality of our oil and quantify improvements in our harvesting, processing and bottling practices from year to year.

 NASAA certified organic olive oil

 Australian certified extra virgin olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil is essentially a fruit juice! It is obtained when oil is extracted solely by mechanical means (no excessive heat or solvents) from fresh, good quality olive fruit. Extra virgin olive oil is free of any taste defects and has a free fatty acidity level less than 0.8%. We cold press our olives on site immediately once picked, achieving an acidity level typically around 0.1% to 0.2% - placing our oil in the ultra-premium end of extra virgin!


First cold pressed

All of our olive oil is first cold pressed; no secondary extraction occurs as we are only interested in obtaining the best oil. The pomace from the first pressing is composted and put back onto our trees to help improve the soil.