12 x 250ml value pack

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This value pack includes free shipping within Australia and contains twelve 250ml bottles - one each of our artisan vinegars and organic extra virgin olive oils. 

9 x 250ml olive oils
Signature organic (Toscana premium organic)
Delicate organic (Grampians Olive Estate) 
Olio Nuovo (during harvest when available, if not will substitute an extra bottle of Signature)
Lemon pressed extra virgin olive oil
Garlic infused infused organic extra virgin olive oil
Blood orange infused organic extra virgin olive oil
Tuscan herbs infused organic extra virgin olive oil
Truffle infused organic extra virgin olive oil
Chilli infused organic extra virgin olive oil

3 x 250ml vinegars
Golden orange caramelised balsamic vinegar
Roasted capsicum finishing vinegar
Organic shiraz vinegar

2 Reviews

Julie 23rd Jan 2019


You can actually taste what the oil has been influenced with, and the balsamic is delicious

Will 27th Jun 2016

I want to taste them all!

You presented me with a huge, huge problem (a good problem, don't worry!) as soon as I popped open the first bottle, I want to taste them all! Every bottle one I open tastes really nice so both me and my wife are fans of your product.

I have also recommended this to a friend of ours who was "happy" with the $12 EVOO she bought from Aldi... well, she's "a lot happier" now with her purchase of your sampler set.

I bought the set because wanted to sample the range of your products so I know which one I like and which one to order some more... now, I am more confused than before. They are all very good quality products - I like the Chilli infused for scrambled eggs, The lemon infused for salad dressing, Garlic-infused for my pesto, and love the Golden Orange Caramelised Balsamic for bread dippings... there are more bottles to go so once I finish them all, I'll let you know which one is my favourite - if I can make up my mind!

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