Grampians Bushfire Update

Thank you to everyone who has reached out with calls, online posts, and messages amidst the recent Grampians bushfires - although very close to us, luckily we were safe and unaffected this time. Our thoughts are with all those who have been impacted by this tragedy and to show our support we are donating all profits from sales of our honey and mission olives towards recovery efforts (see below for details). 

While some areas of the Grampians (Gariwerd) National Park have reopened today, other parts including the Stapylton area remain closed for public safety. Our farm shop is open as usual.

Olives with a Mission
As you may know, as part of our community support, we regularly donate the profits from our mission olives to charity - donating over $6,000 to Blaze Aid to date. This is our way of helping to pay it forward for assistance we received after being impacted in the 2014 bushfires. It seems fitting the next donation from profits on mission olives (based on the past 12+ months of sales) will be made to the local busfire recovery efforts.

Stock up on honey and help us make a bigger donation!
In other news, we just extracted a delicious batch of  olive grove honey from our bees, and have decided all profits from sales of honey this month will also be donated to the Grampians Bushfire recovery efforts. So if you need honey or olives please go ahead and order this month - your support will directly help in rebuilding and supporting the affected communities. Together we can make a difference! 

Update March 2024
A heartfelt thank you for the response - with your support, we're thrilled to announce we've contributed a total of $6,074 to local bushfire recovery initiatives. Thank you for making this possible!

All profits on sales of our mission olives continue to be donated towards bushfire support and other community initiatives on an ongoing basis.