Olive oil based skincare

Olive oil has been used to nourish dry skin for millennia - you can simply rub some into your skin. It can also be applied to the scalp, providing gentle care, or as a massage oil. We offer these simple skincare products crafted from our organic olive oil - both moisturising and ideal for sensitive skin use.

Olive oil soap (unscented or lavender)

Hand and body butter (with organic shea butter)

Olive Oil Skincare Hamper

Here is what people are saying about it: 

Beauty & Lifestyle Hunter: The cream is thick and rich and has a slightly whipped formula. And because it is so rich, it does take a few moments to absorb into the skin, but its worth the wait, as once it has, the skin is left feeling so soft and smooth and thoroughly hydrated, which lasts throughout the day with no need to reapply. It also works perfectly as a hand cream, or even on your feet with a pair of socks on top, if they need a little extra TLC. It is the perfect cream for those with dry skin, and as it doesn't any fragrance, it is also perfect for those with sensitive skin types.

I admit here that I am not a huge user of soap blocks, as I feel they tend to become messy very quickly. But that said, I have enjoyed using this one, as the soft lather cleanses the skin so gently, without drying it out, and leaves it feeling soft.

These products are seriously lovely, and I am especially addicted to the Hand & Body Butter, and love how soft and intensely moisturised it leaves my skin. 

Beauty & Lace: The soaps come in two varieties with one unscented and one lavender. It is hard to choose a favourite but that lavender scent is addictive! The hand and body butter includes organic olive oil and organic shea butter and weighs in at 200mls. 

It will give your skin a luxurious burst of moisture while being gentle enough for those who suffer from skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema.