Lemon Pressed (Agrumato) Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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We are renowned for our lemon pressed extra virgin olive oil. We were the first in Australia to produce this oil by the traditional Italian 'agrumato' method: cold pressing fresh Australian lemons together with our organic olives. With many years of agrumato experience we have perfected the technique. Toscana lemon pressed olive oil has a bold flavour superior to that of an infused oil or one made by adding lemon oil separately at a later time. This zesty oil is best enjoyed drizzled over seafood, salads and vegetables.


Finalist in the 2014 & 2015 Delicious Produce Awards.

Ingredients: Oils of Australia organic olives crushed with Australian Lemons 

69 Reviews

Helen Batt Apr 26, 2024

Perfect for salads or for dipping

I have used this oil for years. When I open my last bottle more MUST be ordered. Absolutely fabulous on salads when you can’t be bothered making a dressing - I haven’t made a dressing in years. I could almost drink it out of the bottle. There is never a drop left after it is drizzled on toast. Even fingers licked.

Andrew Pike Jan 18, 2024

Lemon-infused olive oil

This is a real treat to use for salads or on toast or for dipping fresh bread. I love having it in my pantry!

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