Garlic infused organic extra virgin olive oil

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Our Garlic Infused olive oil is rich and versatile, perfect with pastas, marinades, sautéed mushrooms, char-grilled meat and vegetables, stir fries or drizzled over bruschetta and wood-fired pizza before serving. Delicious with our Roasted Capsicum vinegar for dipping or as salad dressing.

We masterfully infuse our organic cold pressed extra virgin olive oil without heat to create distinctive perfectly balanced oils that will add gourmet flair to your meals with just a drizzle. 

Fructose friendly - no garlic bulb is used or present

Ingredients: 99.5% Australian organic extra virgin olive oil, 0.5% garlic oil (conventional).

31 Reviews

Sarah Muir-Smith 16th Sep 2020

Takes simple meals to the next level

Everything I make tastes so much better. Now that I have these oils I can't imagine cooking without them!

Barbara Nicholls 28th Aug 2020

Garlic EVOO

The flavour of garlic is very mild almost undetectable, would like more flavour

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