Truffle infused organic extra virgin olive oil

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Our Truffle Infused olive oil allows you to enjoy the exquisite flavour of white truffles year round - a distinctive earthy and musky aroma with a garlicky flavour remiscent of shallots with a hint of parmesan. This oil is distinct from black truffle. 

Some "truffle oils" are made using a vegetable oil (often chemically refined) whereas ours is based on our high quality organic extra virgin olive oil, which itself has fruity & herbaceous flavours with a hint of pepper. The white truffle flavour is aromatic, earthy, subtle and complements our olive oil beautifully - indulge by drizzling over mushroom risotto, beef carpaccio with shaved parmesan, pastas, green salads, mashed potatoes, poached eggs, or steamed cauliflower for a luxurious twist.

We masterfully infuse our organic cold pressed extra virgin olive oil without heat to create distinctive perfectly balanced oils that will add gourmet flair to your meals with just a drizzle.

Ingredients: 99.5% Australian organic extra virgin olive oil, 0.5% truffle flavour (conventional, vegan friendly)

24 Reviews

Lisa Brooks 16th Jan 2020

Truffle Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil

A truly beautiful product, it is an absolute must have in our family pantry. Once you have it you cannot do without it.It turns a toastie or quick pizza into a gourmet delight. Salads and soups transform, it make me feel very competent in the kitchen no matter who turns up. Thank you

Jason Frank 21st Nov 2019

Enjoyed by the whole family.

Just a splash of this truffle infused olive oil makes any dish delectable. Have sent this as a gift to many friends and family and received much praise!

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