Verdale Organic Olives

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Our olives are estate produce, certified organic, hand picked and cured using just salt, water and time. This slow traditional method takes 12 months and produces olives with distinct natural flavour - perfect with cheese and antipasto. Verdale is a relatively rare variety in Australia and has a unique mild flavour profile (fruity with a hint of buttery notes), with a tangy taste and pleasantly firm texture. Hand picked when green, you'll notice the typical bitterness found in green olives that contributes to the olives' complexity in a harmonious way.


Our table olive process in detail is as follows:

1. Olives are picked and immediately placed into brine (spring water, murray river salt). Nothing else is used or added for the curing process. 
2. Natural fermentation is allowed to progress for a minimum of 12 months, during which lactic acid naturally forms as a result of the process.
3. Cured olives and hand graded and packed into jars. A fresh brine is prepared for packing, ensuring consistent shelf life. Our olives remain unpasteurized and rich in their natural goodness.

It's important to note that lactic acid is commonly present in naturally fermented foods. Produced as a natural byproduct of fermentation, it's generated by specific bacteria like lactic acid bacteria. This conversion of sugars into lactic acid not only imparts the tangy taste to fermented foods but also acts as a natural preservative, extending their shelf life. This age-old fermentation technique is found in foods such as yogurt, sauerkraut, kimchi, pickles, sourdough bread, and, of course, olives.

Ingredients: Organic Olives 64%, Brine (Water, Murray River Salt, Lactic Acid 0.1%)


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Ally Jan 01, 2024

Seriously good

I purchased Grampians olives this year to include in hamper gifts for family. The olives themselves were delicious, however the packaging is so special and looks beautiful.

Robin Apr 15, 2023


Great Olives. I don't buy Olives anywhere else

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