Verdale organic olives

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Our olives are estate produce, certified organic, hand picked and cured using just salt, water and time. This slow traditional method takes 12 months and produces olives with distinct natural flavour - perfect with cheese and antipasto. Verdale is a relatively rare variety in Australia and has a unique flavour - typical olive bitterness (picked green) with a hint of buttery and sweet fruitiness. 


Due to a low 2020 crop, we currently have a limit of 1.5kg olives per customer to ensure as many people as possible can still enjoy them while we wait for our 2021 olives to be ready. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

30 Reviews

Debbie Baines 27th Nov 2021

Fresh and yum

Lovely high quality olives, an absolute treat!

Diane Steckyj 14th Nov 2021

Wonderful olives

Verdale olives are delicious. Such quality products & service. Wonderful Aussie company. Highly recommended

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